Witch Hunt released!

1 Posted by - September 17, 2014 - Blogs

The day is finally here! After all that hard work, occasionally deprived of chocolate for not leaving my desk, I am pleased to announce that Witch Hunt of the Black Sorcery Trilogy is now available on Amazon for download! All you Kindle owners out there can now sink your teeth into it – if you’re ready for the adventure that is!

For those of you waiting for a paperback – have no fear. I am currently working on a paperback edition. I understand there are many of you out there who still love, adore and cherish the traditional paperback. Keep an eye open for updates and I will hopefully have a release date with you soon.

As soon as I know when the book will be available, I will be doing signed copies as I have been ambushed with requests – that’s why I love you people! If you would like a signed copy then please navigate to my About the Author page where you will find a form to complete in order to contact me.

Here is the link to Amazon! Happy reading and I hope you’ll enjoy it xxx

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