What’s your inspiration?

1 Posted by - October 26, 2015 - Blogs

So here’s a question for all you budding writers out there. What is your inspiration?

I get inspiration for my projects from everywhere and everyday life. The best thing for me is to get out and experience life. You can get ideas from anything…

I love to travel. Having visited Stockholm, where a lot of Witch Hunt takes place, I just had to include the city in my writing. Stockholm is a beautiful and mesmerising city, which captured my heart as soon we as we sailed in – on a cruise ship – through the archipelago. If you’ve read Witch Hunt, you’ll have noticed the nod to a cruise ship that Melissa spotted on the horizon.

The book begins in Devon. Devon is a second home to me – so naturally I had to incorporate it into the book. The beauty of being the creator of your own story is that you can immortalise aspects from your own life and share them with others. If you smile while you’re writing then you’re on to a good thing.

When it comes to dialogue, I find family and friends are absolute gold mines. Surround yourself with people who speak their minds – it’s great fun. You can pick up on someone’s habits, facial reactions – their idiosyncrasies. Things like that can make a character real and easier for readers to relate to. They might know someone who does that, uses those sayings or just can’t stop twiddling their hair too.


Even when you’re in you can find inspiration. Pinterest is a great website that I am kind of addicted to. You’ll find everything I like on there as well as subjects connected to Witch Hunt. Mosey on over and take a look at my boards by clicking this link. I have boards dedicated to locations that appear in Witch Hunt so you can use it as a visual aid as you read.

I would love to hear what inspires you.