It’s been a while…

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Okay, so I’ve been a bit busy and I’m sorry for neglecting you. However, I have a little treat for you as an apology. Yes – it’s a passage from Summoned.

But first, I want to tell you about a little opportunity. I’ll be giving away five signed copies of Witch Hunt on the Goodreads website. So keep an eye out – or join Goodreads if you haven’t already – for a later blog informing you of when this will take place. See? I haven’t forgotten! I’ve had the memory of goldfish lately so you’re lucky I remembered!

So here’s the passage from Summoned and I hope you like it. I’ll admit, I giggled when I wrote it. Let me know your thoughts if you like.

We were staying the night and I was glad for it. Dayna didn’t seem too happy though as she was constantly being harassed by softly glowing fairies. Her face became stormier by the minute.
I sat next to her and she spoke of her annoyance. “I’m going to go mad here, all because of my damn hair colour. I thought I’d outgrown this sort of attention at bloody school!” She waved her hands around her head and then crossed her arms in temper. The lights dispersed, but then they returned and I saw sparks begin to fly from Dayna’s fingertips.
“You need to calm down or you’re going to fry very little people.” I tried to hide the amusement from my voice, but this was cracking me up.
“Why are we here?” she cried, looking ready to tear her own hair out.
“A good night’s sleep in safety.” Cheri came over and sat beside us. I saw with delight that a smile had crept across even Cheri’s face at Dayna’s expense.
“Not safe from insanity,” Dayna mumbled, her Irish accent becoming thicker as her irritation grew.
Cheri ignored her. “Aidan is asking Oswyn for help. He will hold council with him and then relay the information back to us.”
“Asking help for what?” I asked and then fended off one of Dayna’s arms in another attempt of hers at frightening off the fairies.
Dayna finally stood and stormed away, but I saw the elf who had guided us earlier stop her and speak with her.
“Imminent war,” Cheri replied simply.